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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are an education start-up, dedicated to ensuring equity in the resources, training and employment opportunities available to Bilingual Dual Language and ESL Teachers and Administrators and Publishers.


We offer:​

  • Critical language appropriate and authentic instructional resources and strategic guidance in their uses

  • A central place to find websites which cater to teachers of Emergent Bilinguals

Father and Son Playing

Our Founder and CEO

As a former English learner herself, and first generation high school and college graduate, Nora Garcia-Reyes lived the challenge of growing up outside the mainstream culture. School was her first introduction to U. S culture and English. Nora has never forgotten what it felt like to be a young child learning another language. She has carried a strong drive and passion to prove that having 2 languages is a gift and not an impediment to success.


Nora Garcia-Reyes, has 24 years experience serving public schools as a bilingual/dual language /ESL teacher and instructional leader.  Her expertise as a Literacy Coach and Bilingual Instructional/Curriculum Specialist, has made her highly sought after for advice on managing literacy goals in a dual language setting. Nora has presented sessions at national conferences such as La Cosecha, and district and regional conferences in Texas. She considers herself a practitioner, rather than a theorist, providing practical solutions to the challenge of creating successful bilingual, biliterate and bicultural students.

For many years, Nora experienced first-hand the challenges  most bilingual teachers have of finding authentic, culturally-relevant Spanish language resources to use in the classroom. As a campus coach and district leader, she ensured that the teachers she worked with had quality resources in their hands.  Nora is passionate about making sure bilingual educators have equal access to what they need to level the playing field for English Learners.


Bilingual Ed. Empowerment Partners, or B.E.E. Partners for short, can ensure that your needs are met in serving teachers and creating sound instructional resources based on current pedagogy in Bilingual/ESL and Dual Language classrooms.

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